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July 26 – 29th

Cost: $65

Kyle McMillan & Donovan McNew will be preaching.

• We will be leaving Sunday, July 26, after the evening service.
• We will return Wednesday evening, in time for services at First Baptist Church.
• We will conduct temperature checks before leaving. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will not be able to come.
• We also ask that anyone who has exhibited flu or cold-like symptoms within 14 days of leaving for camp, not come.
• If anyone begins to have these symptoms while at camp, parents will be immediately contacted to pick up their child.
• There will be other social distancing measures in place while at camp, including where the campers sleep, how many eat at a table, etc.
• This for the safety of our campers, those from Lighthouse, and for the protection of Silver State.

Standard camp rules apply.

• Bedding
• Proper camp attire (no shorts, boys clean-shaven & wear collared shirts for evening service, girls wear skirts for evening service, no low-cut tops)
• Camera, flashlight, Bible, notebook,
personal items such as soap, towel,
toothbrush, comb, etc.
• Good special music
• Come like it is regular summer camp
• Face mask (This is required for van rides, entering the tabernacle, and while in line for food. If you don’t have one, we will provide one.)

Camp physicals are not required.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or text Danny or Annalise at 720-979-2092 or 720-979-2091.

Please confirm if your child will be attending by Sunday, July 19th. Camp forms and payment to be turned in by July 26th.

CAMP FORM LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yd635u8xal4v61/SummerCamp2020.pdf?dl=0