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OVERVIEW: I am encouraging you, with this weeks challenge, to stop and take a moment and evaluate what this season has revealed about where you are in your walk with the Lord and spiritual growth. What has the “hot water” drawn out of your heart? It does you know good to mentally acknowledge where you ought to be, and yet be oblivious to where you are now. It also does you no good to think that it will all matter when you are older.

WHAT TO SUBMIT: Take the time to meditate, pray, and spend serious time in the Word of God, and figure out what this season has revealed about where you are spiritually. This doesn’t have to be confessional time, but take this challenge seriously. These can be in paragraph form, or simply a sentence, but they must clearly communicate something more than a “Jesus, God, the Bible” answer.

Send a picture, or a Word document of what you wrote this week.

There will be a $10 Amazon gift card or two given out for the best submissions. We’ll talk about what you learned while doing this in next week’s Teen Connect.

Send your submissions to da.shives@gmail.com or my phone number.